J H Russell 30467

 21st Reinforcements NZMR


February 1917

8th of February 1917 sees Trooper Russell and other members of the 21st Reinforcements NZMR gathered at the Featherston Railway Station bound for Wellington and the Embarkation process.  Not sure if the Lady and Gentleman in the middle pictures are his parents or not. Middle picture just above shows James on the left with a building in the background. I suspect this to be the Wellington Railway Station.
12th Feb 1917. The 21st Reinforcements, NZMR are on board the Manuka bound for Sydney. A boxing match is in progress together with other games to keep the men occupied. The last 3 pictures shows the Sydney Show Grounds where they are staying, the middle picture is a double exposure and shows some buildings in Sydney. The last photo is a group picture taken at Lawler's Tea Rooms unfortunately  we do not have a copy of this shot.
14th Feb 1917 and the boys have managed to get a car and seem to have done a tiki tour of Sydney, top right picture is of Coogee beach. No idea who the young lady is could be a 1917 groupie?

16th Feb 1917, the Troops trans-ship to the S.S. Morea bound for Melbourne.

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