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Animated Maps

PostPosted: Mon Feb 28, 2011 10:53 am
by Steve_Butler
I am worried about the bandwidth taken up animation maps, and although very small as far as animations go (1.1 Megs), I would like to know how long it takes for our UPDATES page to load.
Obviously your service provider and your plan are the key. At this stage of Internet available download speeds I have made the map very elementary in appearance and action to keep it small.
Most of all I want to ask if I am on the right track - does this map appeal - is there enough information here to create interest?

note: I have found I need to right hand click on the animation, and select "PLAY" before aniation will start here on the Forum.
I must thank my son Karl in his assistance of making this animation, his work in doing similar work for Television production is far more sofisticated - but as he said - different budget, different size, and animations for broadcast can be gigabytes in size.

Re: Animated Maps

PostPosted: Tue Mar 01, 2011 9:15 pm
by Tarata
Much clearer than words. I could not keep track of the NZMR Brigade though, I would have to play it over and over again. I am not sure about the rotation as I find that a bit confusing. But If I compared it without rotation I may find it much better.

Re: Animated Maps

PostPosted: Sat Mar 05, 2011 7:30 pm
by stevenbecker

It dosn't work for me here,?

I did wonder on the final numbering of the Redoubts.

There appears to be some confusion as to numbering and the number of redoubts at Madghaba. While the NZ History records the five *numbered as you show, other accounts give a different number and numbering (like the Aust offical history)?

This is important when the direction of attacks by the NZ and 3rd LH Bde (8th and 9th LHR's) are shown.

Also I am unsure but do you show the Gun positions on the southern side of the Wadi at the start?

When they should be on the other side at the start, and only late in the day when the HK&S bty moved across the wadi to suport the attacks.

I look forward to checking it out.

Re: Animated Maps

PostPosted: Mon Mar 07, 2011 3:50 pm
by Steve_Butler
Hi Steve and Peter.

More a learning curve than anything else Peter - I take onboard your comments re the turntable effect.

Yes the artillery was on the other side of the wadi - my mistake. (I will change it - and if my new programme works as the sellers says it will I will update the concept as well).
Re the Redoubts - Having a problem with this - It seems the commanding officer during the action has made the call (Chaytor) as per our display - this is also repeated in other Kiwi and Turk archives (Although Turkish archives look like a copy of the Kiwi one).
As the Kiwi General places and numbers the redoubts in this way I will take this as being the original and correct - perhaps the map makers at Oz H.Q. got it wrong - However that is by the by - If there is more information in regards this map making I would readily concede that perhaps Chaytor got it wrong during the battle.
More input would be great.