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Postby Steve_Butler » Sun Dec 03, 2006 12:56 pm

Welcome to Gal, who I see has signed on as "GS". Gal lives on the site that was the battlefield of Ayun Kara and I am especially please to see he has taken the tinme and effort to join our fold - the work Gal and his friends have done for New Zealand rcognition in the battlefields of WWI in the Middle East are quite frankly - amazing.
I was fully aware that a lot of work is yet to be done on our site, but as Gal is "sitting" on the old battlefield of Turkish Palestine I though it was time to make some updates to the:
page, which had been neglected up to now - so I have started and more copy to follow - but you get the point its summer, or has finally just arrived!!! so a little slow at present - however we will advance.
welcome Gal
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