Saddle Blankets

Saddle Blankets

Postby oldgunnie » Mon Oct 12, 2009 12:12 pm

Gday all!
I'm new to your forum so hello!.

I'm part of an Aussi LH Troop, the 2nd LH Lockyer Valley. renamed from the Queensland mounted Infantry in 1912 or thereabouts. We're West of Brisbane, near Toowoomba.
I'm sure that we have the same problems as you fellas with regard to finding or creating gear, Boots, Saddles etc, and one of the big problems over here is the humble gray saddle blanket!

In the past there have been enough old Army or Railway workers blankets around, however, these have dried up over the last couple of years and we now are left with a mixture of badly worn gray/brown, gray/blue blankets in different shades and sizes. Whenever we ride with different troops the different colours look bloody awfull.
The original Army Blankets were made in Aus, and I imagine also in NZ, unfortunately over here we seem to have walked away from woolen manufacture and I can't find a supplier.

Has anyone in NZ looked into this problem? What do you blokes use?

The blankets, as you are probably aware are a different size to a single bed blanket. 5'9" (1752mm) long by 4'10"(1473mm) wide, 100% wool with a sewn edge. some were gray with a brown tinge, (there is a perfect one preserved in the Canberra Museum) others had a blue tinge.

I could use a bale of blankets if they were the right item at the right price!
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