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Cookery Book

Postby sundown » Sat Apr 19, 2008 6:37 pm

Today I was given a Cookery Book called "Our Boy's Cookery Book in aid of Wounded Soldiers". Printed in Wellington by Whitcomb & Tombs in 1915. It contains some of the good old fashioned things that Grandma used to cook and are now missing from our "modern" plates. Things like Blancmange and Potted Meat which dont come in packets! Other delicious sounding things are Boiled Brains and Oysters on Bugnuts. The recipes have all been sent in by Women, presumably an Institute of some sort and some of the names have an intresting flavour (in fact some of the names do too - A Miss Snodgrass has entered her favourite recipe) - Parmisau Pyramids and Palestine Salad (uses Jerusalem Artichokes!). I was wondering what the "Naval Cocktail" would taste like with a cup of Gin and a cup of Vermouth and lashings of Liquers thrown in for good measure! Not sure if you were supposed to drink it or fuel the ship with it! The book ends with hints on baby care and a recipe for "Humanised Milk". It reccommends that a quarter hour a day should be spent kicking, waving ones' arms and finishing with crawling - I know the feeling! - assume this is for the infant, not the Mother.
Great to find such a book has survived all this time.
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