Trooper Histories

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Trooper Histories

Postby greg » Sun Jul 13, 2008 9:09 pm

Tpr Charles Thomas Broomfield added see

Contributed by new members Richard Cato and Judy Cato. Judy is the granddaughter of Charles Broomfield. See also the photo album. Very nice pictures of local population of Richon, never seen before.
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Re: Trooper Histories

Postby Steve_Butler » Sun Jul 13, 2008 11:36 pm

Hi Greg
Some absolutely fantastic photos here - many of great interest - certainly of subject matter we have researched lately.

Of great interest for Gal in Israel is that fantastic group of shots around Richon le Zion - certainly included here is the school house with the Rabbi at right, and what looks like the winery at Richon (9106) - BUT most important is the shot of Jewish children and others standing with palm fronds around the long lost monument erected at the battle site of Ayun Kara (94059). It seems to be the day of dedication, or perhaps the first anniversary of the battle - (do you have any letters or copy written on these photos or does Richard and Judy Cato have any letters? this could be important as there is moves to celebrate the battle again by erecting a new monument here in Israel)

1.I see here the "pillars of Rafa" where the NZMR crossed out of the Sinai into Turkish Palestine, Jan 1917.
2. The tram tracks at Colombo.
3. 52022 -The balcony apartments outside Stephen's Gate - Jerusalem.
4. Number 340004 - to my eye this appears to be the Town Hall at Jaffa - please compare this image with the movie on Youtube that Gal posted where we see NZMR entering and leaving the building - also in the old movie had the sentry standing at the doorway at slope-arms.
5. 450ir appears to be the clock tower at Jaffa where we also saw the movie of the four NZMR horsemen ride past camera - it would be good to confirm this if the Cato's have notes.
6. 58028 has true historic significance as the soldiers appear to be (Gal what do you think) troops of the British West Indies Regiment and the Jewish Legion who went into action with the AMR across the Jordan - can we see an enlargement please.
7. YMCA photo appears to be the Aotea Centre in Cairo _ I suspect?

great photos - how big where the original that you received? are they scanned or just at Low res for the web?


I have taken your gallery shot and blown up 58028 on the left hand soldier of the group - I suspect this is the "Flaming Bomb" hat badge of the Royal Fusilliers which was the consignment of London Jewish troops who became the Jewish Legion. However the 72dpi res is too low to play round with. - I would love to scan the original if I could get the opportunity.

great work
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