This photo of the Otamatea Mounted Rifles was taken either just prior to, or during the South African Boer War, as two of the men here
were known to have died during the conflict. The McKenzie family of North Auckland who own the original photograph state the following:
The men in the rear row are unknown to the family. The sergeants in the middle row, left to right facing are: First man with beard- unknown,
Roderick La Brosse, Farrier Sergeant Jack New, unknown, Tyrell La Brosse, Felix Gill, Sqn Sgt Major J. B. Ariell.
Front row: 2nd Lt J Gordon Coates(went on to become New Zealand Prime Minister), (probably) Lt Nutsford, Lt D Snelling,
(probably) the RMO Dr Carolin, Capt Colbeck, (white beard). Centre front: Bugler J. Deverill.