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A fantastic diary addition to our "Trooper's Personal Histories" pages.
Trooper Roy Dalrymple from the Wellington Mounted Rifles.

There will be much interest in this letter sent by Roy to his mother while recovering in a hospital bed.
The letter covers NZMR actions at Walker's Ridge on Gallipoli, and his subsequent hospitalisation on Malta.
A special note should be made that information written in this letter was used by
Major Fred Waite in the book "The New Zealanders in Gallipoli",
(see Page 208, The Capture of Table Top, and compare it to page 3 and 4 of the letter)

Thanks to Greg Bradley our NZMRA President for his work compiling and presenting this page.


Donna Nobilo is a founding member of our Association and Vice President of our North Auckland Mounted Rifles section, and ardent supporter of local history in the far north. She is regularly involved with Museum exhibitions. But the bigger truth is that Donna and husband Ivan are "Horse People". Donna, an accomplished saddler and Ivan a mechanical engineer - between the two of them they can recreate the tack and livery of the NZMR right down to replica tanning procedures and brass and cooper rivet fittings to provide stunning results.
In our Mission Statement, we as an organisation, are committed to supporting members of the public who wish to join us and get involved with promoting mounted "Memorial Troops" - Our long range vision is to have in place a contingent of mounted troops to replicate our forefathers of yesteryear.
It is therefore desirable that the public understands that saddles, bridles and other tack is available here through the Association - here on the right a marvelous brand spanking new NZMR bridle and halter configuration looks ready to jump out of the history pages.

Donna and Ivan's work is being listed on our Memorial Troopers page.



A new page has been added covering a different aspect on the Lee Enfield Rifle and the development of Trench Warfare.

Member "Jonsig" Jonathan submitted this photo of NAMR officer to show that indeed the "Boars Head" badge does face right!- photo submitted as "Logan Auckland Mounted Rifles" BUT says Jonathan is that Lieutenant Colonel Mackesy on the left?
With discussions on the forum board we revealed that Lieutenant Logan was the man referred to as "Poor Logan" in Major Charles Mackesy's Diary. Logan met his death May 19th 1915 as the Auckland Mounted Rifles went into action at "Russells Top", Gallipoli. Therefore this photograph was taken before the Brigade left for Egypt 1914. The extension of that fact is that the gentleman sitting in front of Logan is Major Mackesy's father, Lieutenant Colonel Charles Mackesy.
Mackesey's diary includes this entry:
"...We kept as close to the ground as possible as both our machine guns and the Turkish ones were firing about three feet above our backs.
Then it was poor Logan that was hit. He was about three feet from me. I checked him out and found that he was dead. I had to leave him there as we had our hands full with the attacking Turks..."

New Project: The Photographs taken by Stanley Burrowes of the Wellington Mounted Rifles
during the Sinai Palestine Campaigns.
For those technically minded this picture viewing concept allows only for the images that the visitor wants to see
is the only image downloaded from the internet - however the compression into this format has made the selection
on Stan's photos to be only 3 megabytes in total - the original size of the files where over 20 megabytes and
would have taken a viewer on slow speed internet many hours to download.

see Stan Burrowes full page at: